Thoughts come from three places: 
the subconscious mind, God, 
and the Devil. 

The holy angels are messengers; they carry messages from God to us. The fallen angels (a.k.a., evil spirits, demons) are also messengers, but of evil. Messages from angels -- both holy and fallen -- come to us as “thoughts.” 

Angels and demons can put thoughts
in our minds.
Angels and demons can also project images
on our minds. 

One day while praying the Rosary, I was distracted by a sudden image in my mind; it was pornographic and disturbing. Suddenly I realized I was being attacked. It was an evil spirit projecting an evil image on my mind.

The Devil does not want us to pray to God. And the Devil is afraid of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Evil spirits will attack our minds with all kinds of distractions. They can also cause us to become drowsy and fall asleep during prayer -- especially during the Rosary. 

God’s angels and Satan’s fallen angels are engaged in “spiritual combat.” This spiritual combat takes place in the “minds” of men -- and in the “heavens” above them (Revelation 12:7-9). 

Satan assaults our minds with temptations, obsessive thoughts and evil images... These evil thoughts and/or images enter our minds through Satan’s messengers, the evil spirits. We cannot stop temptations -- but we can chase away evil, obsessive thoughts and images. We can chase away the evil spirits: 

“I plead the Blood of Jesus on my mind.
I plead the Blood of Jesus on every thought
in my mind.”
“I plead the Blood of Jesus on every evil spirit
attacking my mind and body.”

Use these spiritual weapons when you are harassed by impure thoughts, attacked with strong temptation, tempted to commit sin… when thoughts distract you during Mass, interfere with your prayer life, torment you during the night, preventing a good sleep… when you are afflicted with depressive or obsessive-compulsive thoughts… when your thoughts falsely accuse you of wrongdoing… when your thoughts are overly critical of yourself… when your thoughts become confused or “out of control”… when your thoughts are not your own…

Many negative, self-defeating, self-destructive thoughts come from evil spirits. If we do not reject them, we own them -- and when they become ours, we give them life. We give them power over us. And when we give voice to these negative, self-defeating, self-destructive thoughts from evil spirits, we can curse ourselves, and others. There is power in the spoken word.

Victims of demonic attack often wonder if the thoughts filling their heads are really their own. Have you ever wondered about those witty, biting comments that suddenly “come to mind” -- and roll off your tongue -- during a heated argument? Have you ever wondered about those perfect responses that cut so deep?

Why do people say horrible things -- things they really don’t mean -- during a heated argument? How can this happen within the security of a loving home, a faithful family? How do people know what buttons to push?

Evil spirits whisper comments in our ears, and we use them to hurt one another. Evil spirits cause confusion, misunderstandings, arguments, fights, division… and war.

Evil spirits inflame passions, inspire criminal behavior, provoke violence… suggest and embolden sacrilegious acts. Behind every act of desecration is an evil spirit!

Our struggle is not with flesh and blood
(Ephesians 6:12). 
We are caught in a spiritual war --
a war for the souls of men.