During days of apostasy, fallen-away Catholics -- not in a “state of grace” and not Sacramentally fortified -- become vulnerable “to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils (1 Timothy 4:1).” The Devil offers excitement, diversion, mystery, intrigue… The Devil lures people into forbidden Occult practices -- and away from God.

Evil increases insensibly, once it is given in to. And one’s mortal sin testifies to the Devil’s victory in one’s life. Having turned away from the Light, fallen-away Catholics become more and more curious about the Dark Side -- the Occult, spiritism and the paranormal...

The current craze is “paranormal investigation” (charged and sustained by a Godless Hollywood). One’s willing participation in such activity is consent given, and doors (portals) to the demonic are opened. There can be dangerous consequences:

We were playing with the Ouija board. Suddenly, objects started flying across the room! At night, I often see a dark figure standing in my bedroom. It is like a shadow man watching me. And I get terrible nightmares.

A paranormal investigator was attacked during an investigation (scratch marks on his back). When he returned home he began to suffer the sexually-stimulating attacks of a Succubus spirit. Objects also began to move in his house.

Demons attach themselves to people, and people bring these demons home with them! This is how some houses become haunted -- infested with demons.

Demons also attach themselves to objects connected to a dark (diabolical) force: objects used in pagan rituals, false religions, white and black witchcraft, Santeria and Satanic rituals… objects of the Occult (amulets, crystal balls… Ouija boards/witchboards, dowsing rods... Tarot cards and horoscopes). These (cursed/Occultic) objects can bring a dark presence into your home; they can be the source of a demonic infestation.

[Any object created (or book written) for Satanic use is a conduit for demonic spirits and reverberates Satanic power!]

Demonic infestations are also found in places where serious demonic activity once took place: Satanic rituals, blood sacrifice… deviant drug use, suicide, abortion… séances, divination, black witchcraft… deviant sex crimes, rape, murder, prostitution… torture and violent death. (“Violence is the heartbeat of the Devil.”)

A demonic infestation can cause fear, obsessive thoughts, emotional stress, anger/arguments… anxiety, depression, nightmares, insomnia, sleep paralysis… headaches, nausea, digestion problems… and other physical ailments due to a weakened immune system.

Some of the phenomena can include: hearing footsteps, voices, tapping on the walls... the opening and closing of doors, poltergeist activity… seeing shadows, apparitions and shadow men… the physical movement of objects, electrical problems… unnatural coldness, the shaking of beds… and bodies being touched, and scratched...

~ * * * ~

If you suspect a demonic infestation in your home:

1) Remove and destroy all objects that have anything to do with false religions [including statues of false gods (idols) and ceremonial masks], witchcraft, voodoo, spiritism, Santeria, Satanism and the Occult (including gothic jewelry and good luck charms)... remove and destroy all rock, heavy metal, rap and hip hop music (which have their basis in Satanism)... and all pornographic materials. These objects should be completely destroyed and sprinkled with holy water -- or buried with a blessed St. Benedict medal.

2) Use a House Cleansing Prayer.

3) Use Sacramentals (such as blessed medals, the crucifix, holy water, blessed oil and exorcized salt...).

4) Ask your pastor (priest) to perform a House Blessing (with all members of your household present).

5) If the “haunting” is not destructive, pray the Holy Rosary in your home (with a group of friends) for the release of all purgatorial souls...

Feel free to contact me.
But never contact psychic-mediums
or paranormal investigators!
Always stay within the Catholic Church.